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Women’s Right to Chose

As a Christian I am not a fan of abortion, unless it is needed. There is no need with the morning after pill for rape and incest. Everyone was so concerned when Amy Barrett was confirmed that the Row vs. Wade would be over turned.

If women/teenagers can have sex and chose to have an abortion why can someone who does not want to have anymore children chose to have their tubes tied? Why is it the doctors can tell a woman NO to a proven method of pregnancy, but yes to murder. I am somewhat perplexed.

One of my daughters had a horrible pregnancy loves her son, but she and her husband have decided they do not want anymore children. Especially with the crap going on today. Consider this according the statistics a total of 614,820 abortions last year, ages 15-44.

If these women could have had the choice especially those over 20 could have had their tubes tied- how would that number have been affected. You want to talk oppression. Women have fought for years for equal rights-

I had to have my daughter tell her doctor in the Military her body her choice. So again if doctors can play God and be allowed to murder babies, why can women truly not make the choice to prevent pregnancy if they choose?

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