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Life brings ups and downs some joy and sorrows. One thing life never prepares us for is how to handle theses bumps in the road. Some people are emotionally very stable and some struggle to find their way through thing we call life. A lighthouse at one point in time was meant to symbolize the wealth within a country or region; however overtime the light house became much more than that. Soon people learned a beacon of light can mean the difference between life and death. The lighthouse would guide many ships safely to land giving them a safe, warm place to be.

My question to you is this, are you lost in a sea of emotions, drug addiction, grief, or simply in need of someone who can listen and help you gain strength to stand and defend yourself? If you answered yes to any of these and can say yes to any other struggles you may be having in life please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call, text, email or contact me from my web page. I am here to help you find your way to stable ground and a firm foundation for your Future.

Tina Huseth and Alaina Jordan


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  1. If you are a person that needs help this is the lady to see, Tina puts in 100% to all that comes in contact with her, and you will never leave her feeling that you didn’t learn something to benefit you. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS LADY!!!!!!

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