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Adhd and your kids

Good afternoon parents! As an adult or even a child it sucks to have adhd or add. So many times the onlys ones that are noticed are those you look around for some velcro for (stop laughing you know I am right) to make them sit still and be silent. The ones who are often overlooked and often slip through the system are the ones that just seem lazy, daydreaming, unorganized ect. I was one of those.

You ask can a counselor really have add or adhd, man we are actually some of the worst trust me! I know a lot of counselors. I am serious, these kids often seem depressed, don’t want to go to school feel as if they can do nothing right. Many times their frustration comes out in anger, because they are lost and many times embarrassed to ask for help. Parents you may see it but don’t want to admit your child could have a problem. Let me explain.

I have one daughter that she was not just always bouncing off the walls, but she was very much a chatty cathy at school and hopelessly a mess. Dear Lord all of the times I spent telling her to clean her room. Now I took her to be put on medication however if you have one parent calling and threatening to sue the doctor that can create a bit of a problem right. This daughter of mine dropped out of school, and finally came to me this last year and asked if I could help her get back on medication because her father whom she went to live with ignored her Mental Health. After getting her on medication, she has leveled out and is making somewhat normal decisions. Now if I can get her to manage her money.

I know ADHD or ADD can be very frustrating, but keep in mind if detected and diagnosed early treated properly with talk therapy it can save your family a great deal of grief. Growing up in the 70’s, and 80’s you did not hear so much about this, but back in 1943 they knew what it was and how to treat it. I shudder to think what would have happened or where I would be today if they had known then what is really known now. The human brain is so complex, but understanding it helps to help people. Below is a link to one of the videos: If you want to know more please message me.

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Growing up in East Texas, I have learned there are more people than ever that need counseling, not just for depression but anxiety, children and parents. I am here to help you and your family for what ever your needs maybe.

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