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Letting Go!!

After my Grandparents died my mother snagged up my grandparents last bed they bought together. She said she knew the day would come that i needed it. The day came and has since left. Recently I placed it in storage. Asking my daughters if they wanted it.

Their response shocked but did not shock me. They both informed me although it is beautiful we each have our own bed an do not want it. Today I posted it on let it go for free. Now mind you i am very sentimental. It no longer served a purpose in my home. As I struggled on letting it go, it was as if my grandparents and mother were tapping me on the shoulder telling me it’s okay there is someone who needs it.

When the nice lady came to pick it i told her the story. I thought she was going to cry. She told me it’s beautiful you sure you don’t want me to pay you something. I explained to her when I no longer need something I don’t want money for it. I explained my grandparents would actually be upset if i did not pass it to someone who needs a bed. She looks at me says she apperciated it because she has her kids and grandkids living with her.

As I helped her load the bed in her truck, I noticed her hands were rough. I asked her what type of work she did she explained road construction. I stood silent for a moment and told her the bed may need some polishing she said no problem. As we parted ways i hugged her and told her to drive safely.

Your wondering what went through my mind as I stood in silence. I remember my grandparents and mommas hands from all the manual work they did in the Garden so I could have food. My grandma and mommas finger tips being tender from sewing my twirling costumes. Grandpas hands from working on cars and teaching me to change the oil. At that moment I knew why it was okay to let the bed go. I have something that cant be bought or sold. I have my memories of the time i spent with them no one can take those away.

Take time to remember who you have lost! Is it always worth the almighty dollar to sell something you no longer need. Try just giving old things away to those who need it. God will show you so much more.

So why are we holding onto old cards, dishes and other things that could be used by someone else.

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Growing up in East Texas, I have learned there are more people than ever that need counseling, not just for depression but anxiety, children and parents. I am here to help you and your family for what ever your needs maybe.

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