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Temptations of Childhood Yesterday and Today

Today as I am getting dressed and ready for sessions, God put it on my heart to reach out to someone that has become very dear to my heart. I reached out to check on him, and instead of texting back, he called me. Mind you we have only talked on the phone, through text and email. Yes my husband knows about him and who he is.

This morning we began talking about the weather and then family. He knows I work with teenage addicts, so he sent me a photo that pretty much sums up the past and present when it comes to addiction with kids. With so much social media, televised NFL, NBC, NHC, and college sports the hype and the promise of everything they ever wanted being at their fingertips no wonder the world and kids today are living a life of dreams.

Don’t get me wrong it is great to dream nothing wrong with it, but let’s be realistic-it takes hard work and a lot of practice to make it to the big leagues. I will post the photo in a minute, but we also have to look at ourselves as parents. What type of an example are we setting for our kids. Kids are like sponges. They want to be like the people they idolize. If you as a parent are wanting to be your kids best friend for some of you it may be way to late, but you may be able to salvage it. You don’t want your kids to drink, smoke or do drugs then stop it.

Let’s face it our kids want to be like us, and then there are those kids that peer pressure simply takes over. Look at what your teaching your children. Do you know what they are watching on their computer, phone, Ipad or even on TV. With sex glamorized with drugs and not encouraging people to abstain from sex. How many of you check your prescription bottles? Did you know that kids have what is called a Pill Party-everyone brings whatever pills that are in the house throw it in a bowl and throw a handful in their mouth and wash it down with whatever liquor they can find in whom evers house. Wait I am just getting started. There is a drug that is called Powdered Alcohol ( When I attended and spoke at a Texas Association of Addiction Professions in 2019, I learned about this. It comes in packages about the size of the kool-aid packets we have to add sugar to. Only thing is they just put this in water and they have instant drinks. Parents we need to take our neighborhoods and kids back.

Let’s talk about THC-did you know that bag of sour patch gummies your kid can’t or won’t put down may actually be an edible. Nope don’t say it my kids would never. Kids are given way too much access to the internet unsupervised they can order or get whatever they want from it. Did you know your kid is likely buying vapes at school, or adderall, or anything else someone is willing to not take to sell to make some money? Ever wonder why that prescription medication is not working?

Let’s move on to sex-first of all if you do not educate your child about sex I promise you they will learn really quick. If you have a child think about this, if they have a boy or girlfriend did you know they have rainbow parties? What is that you ask? They go to a party, the girls put on different color lipsticks, sometimes the different colors says what they are willing to do, or it could be the first boy that ends up with a rainbow on his penis is the winner. Stop living in the dark ages? Educate your kids. Both my daughters could teach the sex education part of Health class by the time they got into High school. Boys today get a girl especially one that they think they can take advantage of because she wants to be accepted so badly, ask her out and tell her if she wants to continue to date him or be part of the in crowd she has to do it with his friends. Parents your kids are being trafficked!!

Money, sex, drugs, fame, fortune-Guns and gangs-what are the long term effects on their brain? If a child at a young age is exhibiting signs of depression, isolation, anxiety or any other MH disorder please get them help find your local CPAN number and give it to your primary care doctor. Take them to see a counselor. Many teenagers today are treating their Mental Health disorder with illegal drugs. Here is the photo I was sent this morning. Please look at it your kids are having this shoved in their face everyday! Talk to them about the evils of the drugs and the importance in the word of God, or whomever your higher power is.

Parents, family, and friends. Take a look at this photo, this doesn’t just affect the African American lives, but all of our children’s lives.

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