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By now many of you are melting with this Texas heat we have going on. Let’s talk about how the heat can actually create more domestic violence than what is needed. With Covid-19, masks, and no sports on, the heat in the house can rise faster than the morning sun. It is very easy for families to go from having a simple conversation to out of control. I would like everyone to take a step back breathe and lets focus on what we can do.

First if you are feeling very heated about a topic, sometimes even if you are right let the other person win this one. They will learn sooner or later you were right. If you feel the need to take a time out please do so, go to the other room and calm down. Practice relaxing, especially with no sports come on men there should be no reason not to relax. Women, if you find your self nagging your man or your kids take a break please. Your kids are only small once. The dishes can wait until everyone is in bed.

Take a mental health break. Play some board games with the kids, if the car needs washing hey enlist the whole family, give the little ones a paint brush and bucket of water and let them think they are painting but actually washing the dirt off the house. Parents sit down and color with the kids. Couples try to rekindle the old romance, and learn what you fell in Love with.

We have enough hate and violence out in the world, please do not take it out on each other. If you are struggling please call me.

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Tina Huseth Counseling

Growing up in East Texas, I have learned there are more people than ever that need counseling, not just for depression but anxiety, children and parents. I am here to help you and your family for what ever your needs maybe.

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