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The reality of Covid

We depend on the worlds leading scientest to give us the information needed to be safe and healthy. I feel they have failed us with this one. They told our President that children and young adults wont die, wearing masks and staying six feet apart will protect you. If you […]

Forgiveness and You

Throughout our life time we are encouraged to forgive others for things they have done to you or to forgive ourselves for things we did or did not do. When talking to my clients about forgiveness they start by saying “why”. This bring up a questions that need to be […]

Thanksgiving shopping

Today after speaking with my husband he asks me to pick up and extra steak and potato for my middle daughter that will be here for dinner tomorrow. It is 1:00 PM on a Monday. Have you ever watched Christmas with the Kranks? I felt like Blairs mom running around […]

The Holidays with Covid-19

Here we are getting closer to saying good bye to the year from down under. God has truely tested everyone. How we deal with this crisis as many states continue to shut down and demad everyone stay home, consider those who have had not job or worked since April. Consider […]