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Child Protective Services Gets it Wrong again!!!!

I have been working as a counselor for CPS for a couple of years now. I have one case that I am still on, that the mom has supervised visitation, per the Judge. The kids attorney and the ex attorney are real pieces or work. The father has lied, he is on recording saying he lied to the cops about the step dad beating the kids. The kids come to visit mom with dirty clothes, and unkempt the woman has supervised visits. This means she has to pay someone to watch her spend time with her kids.

The person who does the supervision has on a body camera and records the whole visit. CPS will not even call them, because the fathers attorney says it is tit for tat. When the kids are on video telling a supervisors who is wearing a body cam they are afraid to go home to their fathers. There are photos, of the kids with bruises on them, reports have been made to CPS about dad showing up under the influence to a visit. They have text between his wife and him saying don’t go home because there is no food in the house not even milk and the house is filthy. They are talking about her getting controlled substances and giving them to him. CPS says they can not accept text photos because they can altered. Really!!

This mom has no drug history, but dad has a drug history. Dad, has brain washed the kids and the kids are on recording with the supervisor begging to go home. They are saying mom is the one coaching the kids, how can mom do that when she is never alone with the kids. The Judge took CPS word even when I was sending the information to the worker about the kids still being abused. CPS has been informed, of the step mom slapping the kids with dad present and dad witnessed it.

I even reported the ongoing abuse to the Judge so if God forbid anything happen to the kids, I have reported to everyone I can-how can the justice system and CPS be so fucking corrupt.

If any thing happens to those kids, God have mercy on the souls who have allowed this is to happen.

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