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Fine Example of Cooperate America

Mr. Goei currently serves on the boards of C-SPAN, The Paley Center for Media, the Partnership for New York City, and The Shed.

Keith Bowen is president of Altice News & Advertising, comprising Cheddar, News 12 Networks, i24NEWS and a4. In this role, Keith has complete oversight over the three news brands as well as the company’s advanced advertising and data business. Previously, Bowen served as Chief Revenue Office for Altice News & Advertising. Michael Grau is Chief Financial Officer of Altice USA. In this role, he oversees the Company’s financial and accounting matters as well as its strategic planning and analysis, internal audit, tax, investor relations and treasury activities. He joined Altice USA in 2016 and most recently was Executive Vice President of Financial Planning & Control at the Company
Yossi Benchetrit is the Chief Procurement and Programming Officer of Altice USA. In this role, he is responsible for all strategy, management and procurement of goods and services for the company, including oversight of the Procurement, Programming, Real Estate and Corporate Administration functions, with a focus on developing strategic supplier and vendor relationships.
Pragash serves as the Chief Technology and Information Officer for Altice USA, overseeing all aspects of the technology, IT platforms, infrastructure, and service delivery of Altice USA’s advanced connectivity services for residential and business customers.

Colleen Schmidt is Executive Vice President, Human Resources, for Altice USA. With strategic and day-to-day management responsibility for the human resources function, Ms. Schmidt is charged with conceiving of and executing on significant organizational and HR initiatives across the company in order to foster a skilled, high-performing workforce. Previously, Ms. Schmidt served as Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Internal Communications.

Philippe Le May is a Special Advisor to Altice USA and most recently served as Chief Technology Officer for the company, where his focus was on accelerating the development and delivery of key initiatives such as the build out and expansion of the Company’s fiber network infrastructure, upgrades to the new home communications hub, wireless technology initiatives and next generation products and services.

As executive vice president of Consumer Services for Altice USA, Matt Marino leads the strategy, development, execution, and promotion of the company’s consumer-focused connectivity solutions. This includes oversight of the product, marketing, customer experience, care and sales teams supporting Altice’s advanced consumer portfolio, including its Optimum and Suddenlink-branded broadband, TV, and home phone services as well as the Optimum Mobile wireless service. 

Matt Grover is Executive Vice President, Altice Business Services. In this role, he is responsible for Altice USA’s commercial products and services offered under the Optimum and Suddenlink Business brands.

Mr. Grover, who first joined the company in 2001, has nearly three decades of experience in the commercial telecommunications industry across multiple verticals and throughout the United States. Previously, Mr. Grover was Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales for Altice Business Services, responsible for the nationwide SMB sales organization including direct sales, call center sales, and partner sales channels.

Lee Schroeder serves as Executive Vice President, Government Affairs for Altice USA. Ms. Schroeder is responsible for local, state and federal government relations, including the development of regulatory and legislative strategies for the company’s video, telephony, broadband and wireless services.

Michael Olsen
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

As General Counsel and Secretary, Mr. Olsen is responsible for all legal affairs for the company.

Prior to his appointment, he served as a Senior Vice President in the Altice USA’s Legal department where he oversaw the company’s legal activities in support of US operations, as well supporting regulatory and legislative policies across all of the company’s business interests.

As Executive Vice President, Communications and Community Affairs, Lisa Gonzalez Anselmo oversees external and internal communications and community affairs activities for Altice USA. In this role, Ms. Anselmo is the company’s primary spokesperson and provides communications oversight over the company’s corporate strategy and business developments as well as its telecommunications, consumer and business services and media content offerings nationwide. Ms. Anselmo also oversees Altice USA’s community affairs program, which is focused on supporting communities across the Altice USA footprint through the key areas of broadband accessibility, STEM learning and innovation, and digital wellness. Additionally, as Chief Diversity Officer, she is responsible for the company-wide program to champion diversity and inclusion throughout all areas of the business.

Nick Brown Executive Vice President, Corporate Finance and Development

Nick Brown is EVP, Corporate Finance and Development at Altice USA, where he is responsible for Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis, Treasury, Investor Relations, and Risk Management functions, along with leading the Finance organization’s efforts on M&A activity. In this role, Mr. Brown is responsible for overseeing the daily financial and strategic dialogue with the Company’s debt and equity stakeholders, helping to develop the Company’s financial and operational strategy and leading the preparation of financial communication materials. In addition, Mr. Brown is responsible for the daily management of the Company’s balance sheet, corporate liquidity, investments, and risk management related to the Company’s financial activities.

Please someone get your balls out of your pocket and investigate this issue-this is just another way that cooperate america is fucking the the American people. While they set up in their corporate offices while people like myself lose money, 

I work as a counselor counseling students in the school and working with a private practice. Working with people who have MH issues such schizophrenia, bi-polar, anxiety having to cancel these appointments puts my clients MH at risk.

I have had service with sudden link for several years now, and as many people can attest, their service sucks. I have been without service since 4-6-2022. I waited until my husband got home to troubleshoot the network as I had already done, to make sure I had not missed anything. I called for a tech, and I advised them they would need to send a bucket truck as I advised them on 9-29, 10-12,10-14-2021. Instead, the techs come out and connect my cable to the neighbors tree, splice the main line back together, use electricians tape and tape it back together. 

I just found out that I have never been given a credit and I will not be given one now. This time has cost me $8400 in business. They say if it is an issue outside you don’t get a credit. So I work from home. My service is out due to their technician’s shitty work and I still have to pay the full bill. They have use over a barrel where I live because there is no one else. They sent someone Saturday; mind you I told them they need to send a bucket truck, someone was supposed to come yesterday, and today and now they say tomorrow. I am really disgusted with big tech companies. They are screwing with people’s hoods and do not care.  If you have an actual journalist that works for you, have someone investigate. Not to mention you ask for a supervisor and they can not find one, one will call you back in 30 minutes, 2 hours or never. People just roll over and take it. It is time to put a stop to it. 

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