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War and Mental Health

Well here we are only 1 year and a few months in the current administrations term and so much to say. Right now however I want to focus on the effects the events around the world are currently having on the Mental Health of everyone. I keep hearing WWIII is going to happen, is it or isn’t it who knows. What we do know is the Putin is insanely a power hungry individual!

Working with children every day, we talk about current events, and how it is effecting them as well as with my adult clients. With children today having access to social media and being able to see so much of this as it is happening just like the COVID and masks it is traumatizing to them. The devastation they see is real. However as therapists and helpers during this time we need to also take care of our own Mental Health. Explaining to children is so difficult why these things are happening and finding away to explain so that it is in terms they can relate to is hard.

So I want to say, families please sit down and talk to your children and ask them if they understand what is going on during these times. If you as a parent are having a hard time understanding NATO, and why we are not flying into the hornets nest, please do so research and learn. The sad thing is Russia has already come with miles of the NATO protected areas in Ukraine.

In Europe we have 100,000 soldiers standing by to help defend our allies. I am writing this blog to encourage the discussion so that families can begin to prepare. This will be the one of the first battles, or wars whatever you want to call it that may children will be able to have full on access due to the social media. There are going to be a lot of families that will be sending a soldier off to help protect and defend your family. While some of your children’s friends father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or even a family friend is given that phone call to get their affairs in order. When this call happens this person might have all of five days to make the most of the last bit of time they have with their loved ones.

Small children may not understand it now, but as they age and that person is no longer in their life they will. They will want to know why our President allowed this to happen why he did not shut down all foreign oil trade, with Russia, Iran and other countries that we purchase oil from. They are going to want to know how someone so compromised was ever allowed to hold the highest office of the United States. The effects of this war if NATO is activated could be a repeat of WW I and WWII, so many people and lives will be destroyed.

If we think the devastation of 9-11 was bad, this will be worse this War would be due to one individual wanting so badly to hold on power he will murder millions of people to take the freedom and individualism away from people. I remember explaining to my daughters in unusual terms about what happened that September morning. Explaining it to a four year old like this; “you know how you’re playing with a toy and another kid just comes and takes it away”, this is what happened the bad kids took the airplanes away from the pilots and flew them into the twin towers. That was the easy part, the hard part was when my nephew went to fight the battle to hunt down the terrorists and help liberate the people. Watching and listening to my daughters cry and wonder when and if he is coming home.

The day he came home was like watching a movie, as he embraced them and they him. Today as I write this, I say a prayer that this will all come to an end and we as Americans do not have to be involved. However, if my Grandsons father is given that call, I know my family and his family will make sure we teach him how to cope and discuss how he is feeling.

You see the war in Russia does not just effect Russians and Ukraines-it effects us all. You never know what your neighbor is struggling with or what your child is coping with without talking to them.

If you have a tree I want to encourage everyone to start putting yellow ribbons everywhere and say some prayers. As my husband and I were cleaning we came across some Army GI dolls. I have them on my computer until my Grandson gets back to Texas and I will be sending them with him so if his daddy is called up, they can help to watch over him while daddy is away. In the meantime Thank a Veteran, soldier and the soldiers family for their service.

May God carry and protect all and give our families the courage to have a discussion to help their families with their Mental Health.


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