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As we begin to realize our national mistake of the current administration. Most Americans have no idea what NATO is and why we are sending soldiers to Europe. Let me state I am from a long line of military, and you better believe I will stand in respect, and kneel only to pray.

Trump may not have been politically correct, but we sure did not have to worry about Russia or China doing bullshit like they are now. We were energy independent, we did not depend on Russia, Iran or any other nation to provide us with energy needs. On day one due to the squad wanting to be go all electric, Biden axed our major pipeline in the process destroying millions of jobs with no regard to its effects on the nation.

Instead of approving one of our allies with approval to move ahead with their pipeline, he approves Russia. Putin now makes billions a day from this. Due to the increase of oil and gas prices, the cost of our goods have gone up to the point all of the stimulus checks are useless and families are still ending up homeless, without jobs and in greater poverty than before. Thank you Biden and the squad. Because Biden refuses to reopen the XL Pipeline, and allow drilling on federal land, we are beholden to Russia and face a third World War.

What does this have to do with the Military you may ask? Take a look at history. The country’s adjacent to Ukraine, are all members of NATO. This means if Russia tries to take them over or a rocket hits them, we are entitled to help those countries. What you need to know and realize is Putin wants to assemble the Soviet Union as it was before it’s fall. He is not likely to stop if he is able to capture Ukraine. If you know a soldier, American or otherwise you need to thank them learn about them and their families. Be prepared to help these wives, as they prepare to send their husbands to fight for your freedom and the freedom of our allies.

If you do not know what the stress of a soldier being gone, you have never been friends with a military family. The whole world sits and watches, while not just the wife and the children struggle, but the mom, dad, siblings and other extended family sit in worry too. If you have any soul at all stop with the CRT, the wokeism, encourage your representatives to force them to open up the pipeline, and start drilling so we can shut down Russia and China.

Get your American Flag the one with all 50 stars and fly it, start tying yellow ribbons and making care packages. I have my soldier that if he goes to fight for our Allies I will be standing with my daughter, grandon and his family with prayers of a safe return. You find and adopt one, and be ready. Say your prayers and contact your congressman or woman. Know that the soldiers, family and children will need Mental Health Care.

God Bless and Keep our Soldiers and their families and deliver us all!!!

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  1. Your post on this was a very interesting read. I understood and took in all that you stated, and I must agree with you on this 100%.


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