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Happy New Year

As the old year of 2021 closed with a bang, of ignorance and stupidity running the world around us I take a look back and ponder what has been accomplished. I reflect on how the Government continues to be the leading cause of my clients anxiety, depression and financial oppression. I look around me and see my fellow Americans falling to their knees to wonder why any God would allow so much evil to control the future of our life, health, and financial status. Talking to youth today, they do not know the difference between socialism and capitalism. The generations below my 24 year old daughter who expect everything to be just given to them and not work and earn things. Parents blaming the teachers for their children failing school rather than themselves.

We have created a country of entitled spoiled brats that are growing up to run the country. Leaders of our freedom want to take anyone who wants to lift themselves out of poverty need to pay more taxes. How dare they say because someone else wants to draw welfare and keep the cycle going with no attempts to lift themselves out of it should get paid by me to not work. The interesting thing is I am not an Intellectual person who comes from white privilege. How dare the Government say because I am white I have privilege, so let’s talk about it.

I was born 12/9/1971 in Gilmer, Texas to the late Rose Mary Huggins Parsons and Jack Dennis Parsons. Both my parents grew up working the land picking their food, and feeding their food before they could eat is as did I. I grew up on a farm. I spent my summers and springs planting the fields with corn, peas, beans, tomatoes ect. I spent my mornings with my great grandparents gathering eggs, that would be prepared for the next days breakfast. My mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles all worked. My father was in the Air Force and often stationed away from the family because my mom did not want to drag we kids all over the country and change schools all of the time. She would spend her time working with some amazing individuals as well as my grandmother at a company called Mike Benet Formals in Pittsburg Texas as a seamstress as well as doing several other odd jobs to make ends meet. My Grandfather was a mechanic and worked for Pittsburg Motor Company and probably rolled over in his grave when I purchased a Dodge he was a Chevy man all our lives. My Uncles one is a building contractor, one a welder and the others were truck drivers.

Now everyone did their jobs because I lived across from the farm after a long day at school for we kids, and work for mom, grandma, grandpa and a couple of uncles we all came home worked the land, ate dinner and started again. When I say we ate dinner I mean we ate the food we had planted, grown, harvested and prepared for the winter. We ate from the cattle and pigs grandpa could afford to have and take to slaughter. The weekends the whole family gathered and if the fields needed to working everyone worked them every single one of my white cousins, aunts and uncles worked the fields. My family had 66 acres no one worked it but family.

Now time has passed and so have my parents. Although the land had been in my family for years my step father left it all to his children who have sold it, with no regard to the fact that land belongs to my family. There is no heritage for my grandson to go to, because the land is no longer there for him to experience. Nor was it offered for purchase by my family, it was sold. So watching Yellowstone has a whole new meaning to me.

I was not handed my education on a silver platter, if I acted like the kids do today I got sent to the office at school and got an ASS whooping. I don’t mean with a hand I mean with a paddle with holes in it. I did not take medication for ADHD, I did not sit inside and play games and stuff our faces with chips and soda. I had to study hard, to make majorette I had to actually know how to twirl before tryouts. We did not have cell phones, internet, and cable TV. We spent time with our family and friends. As I transitioned from a teenager to an adult I had a job from the time I was a freshman in high school, I did band and went to school. There was not enough time in the day for me to get into trouble.

I worked full time and put myself through Cosmetology School and worked for a Pharmacist that was bat shit crazy. I did hair for a very long time, and I went to work for a very nice man Chad Armstrong. I will never forget the words he told me when he hired me; “you really dont have the qualifications I am looking for, but I am going to take a chance and hire you because I can train you. If you listen and learn and help grow my business I will help you get your property and casualty license”, and he did. He and his wife showed me an example of how a couple in a marriage should be. They were good to me and my daughters as was Emmanuel Baptist Church in White Oak.

After my divorce in 2006 I moved to Lindale, Texas to be closer to the man I had been dating. Six years he had his place I had mine. I often worked three jobs just to try and make ends meet. He would watch the girls for me so I could work my 3-11 and weekend job. At one point my daughters and I were living in my parents travel trailer and let me say I think my back is still out of whack from that sofa. I told the girls we were redneck camping until I could afford to get us an apartment. We were so excited thinking a one bedroom apartment was a mansion. However throughout all of this my current husband told me to go back to college. I thought he had lost his mind here I was almost 40 and considering going back to school what school is going to accept a C average High School Graduate. I applied and I worked a full time job, raised two kids, no welfare and went back to college. I got a four year degree in two years.

After six years and graduating with my BA in Psychology my husband finally asked me to marry him. I got my LCDC licences and went to work at a methadone clinic, then a Crisis Line and then a prison. I finally went back after both my daughters were graduated from HS and got my Masters. I now work full time for a hospital 8-5 monday -friday and CPS from 5pm-11pm most nights and 12 hours on saturday and sunday.

Someone please tell me where my White Privilege is, where is my kids it is not a real thing. People it is reverse racism. My family worked hard to for they had, I have worked hard for what I have and I will be damned if the Government is going to take a thing from me. If you are black, white, hispanic, hawaiian whatever your background you work hard to get what you have it is called freedom. We are not owed a damn thing and we need to stop teaching our kids everything is for free and take our country back. Get our values and morals in place-discipline your kids in the way of the world that is what discipline is-teaching them right from wrong, respect, dignity get up off your lazy ass and get job and earn your way in life. Even salvation requires some work!!!

God Bless you stay healthy-you don’t have to wear a Mask-it does nothing.

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Growing up in East Texas, I have learned there are more people than ever that need counseling, not just for depression but anxiety, children and parents. I am here to help you and your family for what ever your needs maybe.

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