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Red Lights

Recently I listened to Matthew McConaughey’s book Green Lights! Loved it and really recommend it. He talks about Green Lights life has given him. Last night I could not help but play it over in my head. Thinking about the current insanity we are plagued with in todays society.

This gives me a new prospective on his book, I want to focus on the Red Lights. Starting with those who currently represent the United Staes in the Olympics. If you are going to kneel or turn your back at the American Flag and National Anthem that is a Red Light. You should not be representing The United States of America in fact it is a Red Light you should not even live in the USA.

If you feel you are deserved something for something that has not directly affected you it is a Red Light you do not go to Russia. You want to rewrite History to suite a your ideological demands it is a Red Light history is history you can not change it!

You want to complain about slavery- in reality the people were not owned until 1816 when a freed individual wanted to work for another Plantation owner the courts ruled the freed individual could indeed be owned by the first slave owner of which was a Black slave owner. Red Light read the history that is not taught in schools. Let’s discuss the the Civil War that many White, Black, Indian and other immigrants fought in to free all slaves back and white. Yes many white people were slaves too. Red Light Stop and learn your history!

Moving right along- hate and Racism is being taught by you parents spewing hate words. Red Light teach your kids to love and embrace those who are different. There is no white Privilege- For the record my ancestors were immigrants and worked and earned everything they had and we have now! Red Light the Government nor my relatives owe you anything.

Worried your kids are targeted by the police- Red Light engage with them, discourage doing drugs, selling drugs, stealing, or joining gangs! Encourage them to stay in school- Red Light set the example you get a job get off welfare and contribute to society.

Red Light things start and end at home! Be a parent not a beat friend tell your Kid no! If you are on welfare Drive a new car, live in a brick home and your kids shoes cost more than your light bills Red Light you don’t need !

God Bless I refuse to bow down to the socialist country we are becoming!

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