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A Reason to Continue Teletherapy

Over the years therapy has of course, but COVID-19 took it to a new level. Over the years I have done it for convenience it helped the clients easily get therapy. As part of my practice I work with CPS clients helping them put their life back together.

I will go out of my way to work with these clients. The past six months I have been so busy, I have had my daughter acting as my receptionist. You know a win win win for everyone. She gets money, people get reminders of their appointments and I have a little free time.

Recently I was assigned a man that had CPS in his life. I got very sick one evening and had my daughter call and cancel my meetings for that day. He calls and complains that I was unprofessional. The next day I called and reset his appointment. The comes and goes that night he did not show up, I called I text no response. Finally he text at 1030pm that night his phone had been turned off. The next day he text demanding when his new appointment was. I called and advised I am working with him not to make demands-he proceeded to cuss me up one side and down the other. On Friday he called and cussed out my daughter/receptionist 930 pm she calls me in tears.

He calls me five more times and leaves me threatening messages. I spoke to my husband he commented what I was thinking. When you are faced with hostile clients like this- I am so happy we have telehealth. This man had no right to treat people like that who are trying to help!

I vote we keep telehealth! Because if I had been face to face he may have actually hurt someone!

God Bless and stay Safe

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Anger Management and Substance Abuse Counselor seeking to help Texans control their life.

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