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Vacation Woes!

At the Zoo with family or so I thought! Here I am enjoying my $20 ticket to not see many animals- while my son in law is rushing my daughter a d Grandson. You see I came to Hawaii to try and get a taste of the culture, but its not happening.

Vacation to me is taking a stroll on the beach at sun rise or sun set, feeling the sand between my toes and maybe getting in the water. Nope not me- my son in law decided my last full weekend here he would agree to help everyone in their dog move or fix something. Then has the nerve to be on the phone and tell someone “I just left the zoo, so I will let you enjoy your family”. He never said my family or my wife and child- No wonder my daughter feels disrespected and unloved.

Let’s look at the father son relationship. Since I have been here almost every night my Grandson when his father addresses him becomes distraught and says “I scared”. As a counselor my job is to listen to people and how they talk to their kids, you know tones and approaches.

This week not one time has my son in law sat in the floor and actively engaged with him. He orders him around like a mini soldier and expects him to fall in line. Like he is a grown ass man. What in the hell! No wonder so many Military children grow up and hate their parents. I can attest to this because my father dis the same thing.

Hello Military men and women- your kids are not your soldiers. They are humans. You want to have a relationship with your kid, sit down color, play trains, matching games and talk softly and kindly to them. They act like the role model you are. If your a jerk and mean guess what they will too!

Or piss off your mother and law and she will buy a bouncy house and dare you to say anything. She will let you know women only pretend to be helpless to make you feel more like a man when you rescue her just to stroke your ego. When you make your mother and law not feel like family you just screwed the pooch sucker.

Grayson and Grandma Hawaii Zoo 2021

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