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Well Hello Texans!

Praise God somebody has some sense. We will not restart, encourage, motivate or become as strong as we once were if we as Texans continue to hide in fear. Do not take this wrong I am not saying this virus was bad-God knows it was. However it is time for us to all get back to work and rebuild the The Texas economy. Everyone has lived in fear long enough, we have done our due diligence but it is time.

Time for schools to get back to normal, doctors, truckers, hairdressers, barbers, retail, restaurants and most of all life. So we will never fully look at life the same as we look back on everything we have experienced.

Let’s move on with with life. The loved ones we lost would surely not want us to walk around with masks on our faces looking like we are dressed for halloween every day. We can not allow the Federal Government tell use when we can get back to life. If you want to stay home go for it, but its time our kids got off their phone, and computers and began to live life.

Families can go to the parks, hang out together no more social distancing. Common sense tells you that if you are sick stay home. Were not out of the woods with flu season. The world around use is changing every day. My God did not put me here to fear anything, but to be a warrior always.

Texans stand tall, stand as a state that can overcome all odds-help your neighbor and love them even when they are mean this is when they need prayer the most. God Bless Texas!!!

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