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Everyday I speak to people who are struggling to keep their family together. It could be due to drugs, Mental health, financial loss or just hard times. I watch has kids murder their parents and parents murder the kids. I see grandparents step and take on the task of raising their grandchildren and the children lack respect for their family they have. They act so entitled.

On August 15, 2017 I was blessed with the most beautiful Grandson. The first year and a half of his life I was there for so many moments. His father is in the Army and they took a station in Hawaii. On April 10, 2019 my Daughter and Grandson boarded a flight and I have had to watch my little man grow up in photos and via Facetime. Do not get me wrong Facetime has been simply amazing.

I have watched him grow and learn so much, now when he gets mad at mom and dad he informs them “I need to call Grandma”. Originally I was going to be GAM GAM. He has learned to do so much, and my heart everytime I hear “I wuve you” or no presents. I say all of that to ask you how could anyone in life ever harm a child?

Last year for mothers day I was able to buy a ticket to Hawaii to go them, due to the COVID I moved from August, to October and now all the way out to march of this year. I am blessed and honored to be able to go see my family and spend three weeks in Hawaii. This is time that is much needed. I pray God will keep me safe to and from. I pray God keeps and blesses each of you every day.

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Anger Management and Substance Abuse Counselor seeking to help Texans control their life.

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