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Schools and COVID

Let me start by saying I am sure this will offend some teachers, but if this does offend you then this means I am speaking a truth. I have been talking to a lot of parents who are currently disappointed in the education system. Right now I am Thanking God I do not have any kids in the education system right now. The google classroom crap is creating a generation of cheaters. These kids today are being allowed to take their “finals” at home, share their class codes with other students to their school work for them.

Recently I assigned the movie “idocracy” for a counseling assignment. I must say it is pretty politically incorrect but right on point for todays youth with the Google classroom. The schools are not proctoring the classrooms, yet teachers are still being paid the same as they did before. Crap the google classrooms assigned to my clients are more difficult to pass a test even on a open book than schools.

Reality is- the youth of today will have no idea how to be prepared for online school or even college. Many colleges now proctor their classes especially for testing. What is the plan when they have to take the STAR test and the TEAS test that determines if they graduate or fail. Why not just give them all the GED test and be done with it. You think I am joking, I am not. The reality is rather than actually teaching while the teachers have them in the class room they are allowed to be on their phones, playing games, roaming the halls and doing nothing.

What in Gods name is the problem? In 2016 Texas fell to the bottom fifth of US states in an annual report on education quality. In 2015 we were 39th although in 2019 we were back up to 34th. No wonder China and Russia can take control of our elections their kids are taught something.

Use to Teachers became a teacher to make a difference and to realize if they reach just one kid they had a successful career. Average salary for a public school teacher falls between $40,000 to $60,000 per year and they are getting to use electronics to teach. In Texas 30 years ago the average was $52,000 and they had to assign books, actually make sure the student could read and write, give hand written tests that everyone had to be hand graded. The students had to read a book I mean actually read from cover to cover and write a book report on who, what when where and why. Today they take a test to see if they read the book, my kids would watch the movie. My kids however do know how to read and write. We sat down at dinner took the phones away and had a history lesson. We had to take notes in class and actually study and if you did not pass it you did not get a chance to redo the work and get a higher grade you were screwed.

Today we are raising a bunch of self entitled morons. They expect things to be given to them not work for it or save for it. Honestly I have a bunch of friends who are teachers, I respect the heck out of them because I see their kids course work and that they are actually making them do the work no pass no play. Teachers find away to lock down the Google classrooms monitor the tests and make sure the students are actually doing the work. If you do not want to teach go to work at Wal-Mart or flipping burgers. At this rate it would be better for some kids to be parent taught they might actually learn something. If you want an easy job don’t be a teacher.

I said at the start it will offend someone if I did are you doing your job in educating todays youth or are you being part of raising a bunch of lazy morons.

God bless our teachers, grandparents, parents and foster parents who try so hard each day to change the life of just one child. If you did your job you know you did.

Tina Huseth LCDC, LPC-A and CART

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