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Forgiveness and You

Throughout our life time we are encouraged to forgive others for things they have done to you or to forgive ourselves for things we did or did not do. When talking to my clients about forgiveness they start by saying “why”. This bring up a questions that need to be answered rather than because its the right thing to do. There are many reasons to not forgive someone, but the biggest one is for your own Mental Health as well as your physical health. Not to mention the bible says to do it.

How can not forgiving someone keep me sick? Great question! This may be a shocker to you, but forgiveing is not for your the other person it is for you! Yes for you. That is hard to understand right, not really. Someone hurt you or your family, do you see them feeling bad about it. Of course not, they feel they have done nothing wrong while your blood pressure is going up, your rage driving, gaining weight or losing weight and feel like crap all of the time.

First thing first just know there is a difference in forgiving and reconciling. By forgiving someone you are allowing the bitterness, hate, rage or what ever the emotion considering the situation allows you to find peace within. Whereas reconciling with someone means you forgive them and want to have a relationship with them. This is where many people get things confused and fail to move on in life and be happy.

God wants you to be happy, I want you to be happy are you ready to be happy? Matthew 6:14-15 says if you forgive those who trespass, your heavenly father will also forgive you: but if you do not forgive man their trespasses neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Forgive those who have harmed you. Start to heal your body and soul and you will be rewarded.

Have a blessed day!

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