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The Beauty of a Tree

I remember in Jr. High I had to memorize a poem called “Trees”. I sit here in my home office in a webinar on Mental Health looking at one tree in my Yard. Generally at this time every year this tree has lost its leaves. It stand tall and naked […]

Schools and COVID

Let me start by saying I am sure this will offend some teachers, but if this does offend you then this means I am speaking a truth. I have been talking to a lot of parents who are currently disappointed in the education system. Right now I am Thanking God […]

The reality of Covid

We depend on the worlds leading scientest to give us the information needed to be safe and healthy. I feel they have failed us with this one. They told our President that children and young adults wont die, wearing masks and staying six feet apart will protect you. If you […]

Forgiveness and You

Throughout our life time we are encouraged to forgive others for things they have done to you or to forgive ourselves for things we did or did not do. When talking to my clients about forgiveness they start by saying “why”. This bring up a questions that need to be […]