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The Holidays with Covid-19

Here we are getting closer to saying good bye to the year from down under. God has truely tested everyone. How we deal with this crisis as many states continue to shut down and demad everyone stay home, consider those who have had not job or worked since April. Consider inviting a family for dinner, or donating to their kids for the holidays.

One thing today I was talking to my co-workers is the amount of expectation placed on the holidays. Why? Does anyone remember the meaning? When was the last time you had your children make gifts to exchage with each other? Instead of ignoring the kids this holiday season embrace them. Include them in the games, avoid hot topics.

Set boundaries-this year POLITICS are off limits. Instead of being glued to the TV I think we are going to break out the board games. Some of you may ask what are board games? Games like Risk, Apples to apples, scrabble when was the last time you sat and played chutes and ladders with the little one. How about reading to your children.

Not getting to see everyone Zoom is lifting the 40 minute limit, facetime, google duo, google meets-there is no reason you can not see your family. Most people dread seeing their families. Their is always that one family member that wont shut up about how perfect their kids are anyway. Save yourself the trouble. Video the family send your love, heck sit down with them on video and eat with them say your prayers. Give God the glory for the things you do have and stop complaining about what you dont have.

Get on your knees and praise him that you are free, you are alive, you have a roof over your head and food. God has this under control. If in doubt read Psalms 100. Before school and God were seperated this was the first bible verse I learned dressed up as Thanksgiving butter. Bow your head and Thank your father in Heaven for what you have and be merciful to those who are not as privledged.

From my family to yours I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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