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Hawaii Prices-Here is how we are all being Jacked during Covid

My daughter is married to an American soldier stationed in Hawaii. We all know that most tourist sites raise prices because they can. This is where those kneeling at our flag-screening oppression really makes me disgusted.

We have men, women and Politicians pushing a narrative for their own agenda. These people make millions a year and live in mansions. While those who fight for yours, mine and their freedom piss and moan.

Those who serve yes it is a choice to serve their country. They make less than some people working mid-level jobs. Although this President has done more than many other presidents-these men and women their families live in substandard housing and pay higher prices for food and clothing in many places they are stationed. Here is an example of how people get screwed in many states-my daughter has been watching her monthly budget not buy as much as it once did.

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