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Texas School Shooting

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victims, but to the family of the shooter. This young man was not taught to cope with rejection or talk to someone he trusted about his issue. Some of this is cultural, and stigma. Boys are taught you do not cry or you are weak your not a man, cultural beliefs you do not talk about your problems. This is what happens when we do not teach our children to accept reject and talk about it. The girl was wrong to embarrass him like she did. I am however proud girls today feel they have a voice and can say no to sexual advances. It was the gun itself that killed those people but it was the person.

We have become so politically correct, making sure every one gets on the team, gets an award, yet we have taught our children nothing about over coming and working hard to achieve something. We are raising a generation of enabled adults that believe everything should be handed to them just because it has been for years.

I grew up in Pittsburg Texas where the competition for the Majorette line was stiff. Every year I tried out every year I did not make the line. Every year worked harder on my grades, I became more active in band, and had good friends that wanted me on that line who were there to remind me to bite my tongue. My senior year I made it, but Larry Edge the band director took it away. Did I go home and get my moms gun and open fire? No- I took the adversity and made it work to my advantage I am better for it.

Teach your kids to accept the fact people are going to say no, pay attention to them as they withdraw, dads tell your son it is ok to cry because real men cry- Even Jesus cried has he hung dying on the cross for us.

God I lift our young people up to you in hopes they can find peace and strength as they struggle each day with challenges they face. Know God they all are not believers of you, but you know them. God please protect them and lift their hurt and give them the strength that only you can provide. Give them a cloak of love and guidance. Help the families of the victims find it to forgive as you sent your son to dies on the cross to forgive us of our sins. I know the Bible says forgive as I have forgiven you- those who trespass against you know not what they do. God I ask this in your name amen.

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